Jury Verdict For Injured LYNX Bus Rider

Rosemary was a 58 year-old woman in poor health who rode daily on the LYNX bus system. One day her driver, who was fairly new to the route, missed her usual stop and instead dropped her off at an unmarked location which was too far from the curb. This created a dangerous condition for Rosemary. Rosemary's stride off the bus pinned her foot between the curb and the street and she broke her leg. Fortunately, the fracture healed cleanly and Rosemary recovered fully with only $1,200 in medical bills.

Rosemary asked LYNX to pay her medical bills, but they refused. After speaking to a number of other attorneys who refused her case as being too small and too difficult to win, she came to us on a referral from another lawyer. We initially refused her case and told her to talk to LYNX again. She called us few weeks later and we agreed to represent her, but only if she allowed us to simply try to get her medical bills paid.

LYNX steadfastly refused to pay her medical bills, so we placed Rosemary's case into suit. Once in suit, we offered to settle for only $3,000. LYNX' best offer was $750. After a three-day jury trial, the jury returned a verdict of $22,747 for Rosemary, ordered LYNX to pay her costs in the amount of $14,844, and ordered LYNX to pay her attorney's fees in the sum of $9,398, for a total judgment against LYNX of $46,989.

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