Successful Lobbying Allows Client To Save $100,000 On Traffic Light

On occasion our firm will perform lobbying services. Bill Leary and his company, Leary Management Group, is one such client. Leary Management Group owns a long-esta- blished manufactured housing community in Orange County. After a tragic car accident at the intersection entrance to their community, they successfully lobbied the Florida Dept. of Transportation for permission to install a light at the intersection.

The County, however, required them to install an expensive "mast arm" type of light fixture which was estimated to cost
from $200,000-$250,000, by Leary Management's traffic engineer. Leary Manage- ment retained us to help persuade the county to allow a less expensive concrete or steel "strain pole" style light pole, a light pole as durable as a "mast arm" light fixture, yet which would cost less than $100,000 to install. Leary Management's position seemed reasonable, especially since the State would be improving the intersection in a few years anyway and would be taking down the light during construction. After much effort and with help from our elected representatives, the County eventually agreed to allow Leary Management to install the less expensive "strain pole" style traffic light fixture, saving Leary Management over $100,000.

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