Our Firm Philosophies

We believe that, within the bounds of ethics and the law, the client makes the decisions. This means we listen to our client, take direction from our client, and allow the client to make all major decisions after weighing our legal advice.

We take cases all the way through trial and verdict when necessary. We will not discharge a client because their case doesn't turn out the way we thought it would or because the case isn't profitable.

We often take cases of small value because our client is being treated unfairly or an injustice is being committed upon a person who lacks financial resources. To us, the practice of law is about more than money, it is about achieving justice.

We provide candid assessments to our clients. We occasionally lose a potential client to another firm because we candidly assess the client's case as opposed to telling the client what he or she wants to hear.

We do not take cases to trial simply for the sake of trying a case. Often, trying a case entails more risk and less return for a client than settling. We don't let ego get in the way of settling a claim when in the best interest of our client.


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